I've been thinking it would be nice if the members of this board would start an open source coding project. Everyone could work on it, whenever he has the time and the motivation, and contribute according to his talents: graphics, algorithms, com... It will prove that it is possible to build something more than a simple utility in full Asm. I'm sure many people will have great ideas, my first one was a chess program, because:
1) Chess is popular worldwide
2) Involves lots of programming fields: Algorithms, graphics (3D pieces, rotating boards, etc), databases (opening books), Internet (network play)
3) It is something that can be constantly under construction

What do you think ?
Posted on 2002-03-23 20:45:45 by micmic
can you attach a vote to that? i think your message may more suited for "Recruitment," but i guess it'll get more attention, here :) i'm all for it, 'cept i really suck at asm programming in general.

actually, i was thinking about something like this - start the Assembly Revolution... (or the Small is Beautiful Revolution) but i thought that was a bit too ambitious... it is... but, hey! we can dream :)
Posted on 2002-03-23 20:51:42 by jademtech
If somone else starts a decent project I might help out where I can
Posted on 2002-03-23 20:55:59 by Quantum
Vote for what ? I don't think anyone would care to vote against it... If enough people are interested and nice ideas appear, we could vote for the type of application to develop, the type of the license, etc...

And no, I wasn't dreaming of an Assembly Revolution :) Just something that would be like an asm workshop, for more advanced ideas to appear, and to always be there for asm programmers who want to see "how it is done"
Posted on 2002-03-23 21:05:55 by micmic
oh, i wasn't intending anyone vote against... just a show of hands of the number of ppl interested :)

of course, we could also vote on the project :)
Posted on 2002-03-23 21:08:11 by jademtech
How about we create a good IRC client. I know a lot of people like mirc but we could create one with some nice colourfull richedit controles and add scripting and plugin support
2>We could code a kick ass peer to peer file sharing program, ours would be high performance and contrain no spyware or adds
and it would have built in mp3 player as well
Posted on 2002-03-23 23:21:54 by Quantum
If you go for chess, I have a java chess program. Everything's perfect except 2 functionalities that I didn't include: en passant and an A.I. opponent. Maybe you can convert it to win32asm. If you are interested tell me, maybe I'll either post it at the heap or email it to you.
Posted on 2002-03-23 23:45:46 by stryker

I know there are several people already working
on an irc client. I am playing around with the
idea myself. Try posting in Networking.

The reason I am looking into it is that I dispise
the idea of scripting, but to all their
Posted on 2002-03-24 01:26:57 by bdjames
well, this is what 'recruitment' is for :)

just formulate your project goal and conditions there and see if people respond.

Also for any project you really need a fixed set of people and fixed goals/timelines. A "drop by when you want" mentality won't get you far I'm afraid ;) I think others will agree on that.

otherwise good luck :alright:
Posted on 2002-03-24 06:21:56 by Hiroshimator