Can somenone please post some results obtained using Maverick's PROFILE macro on a none-trivial routine...
I've been trying it out on my FindString routine using a 64M file and it returns a figure in the same ballpark regardless of whether the string is found at the start of the file or at the end.

PROFILECYCLES =00001392AE064C64 ;seacrh string at end
PROFILECYCLES =000013A03B915748 ;seacrh string at start

Also the values look quite big to me
this is the part that does the profiling:

push " "
push 2
push dwStringlen
push offset szString
push dwBytesread
push dwpMem
push 0
call FindString;

Posted on 2002-07-04 08:22:21 by MArtial_Code
Here time it with a watch.

(don't forget to change mhz to the speed of your processor)
Posted on 2002-07-04 21:48:11 by grv575
hi all
could someone post on example how to use * profile *
:stupid: i read the whole thread but i didn;t get anything yet.
example grv575 posted no output how am i supposed to know how many cycles was it is there an program/ something other than profile that i dont know of
Posted on 2002-07-10 15:55:10 by b0z0