I wrote a utility with toolbar buttons (not flat_style) for different functions. It works good in Win 98 and I sent it to my friend. He has XP. He sent me a picture of the program and all the toolbar buttons are double height and have two lines of text under Windows XP when they should have only one line. The top line is as it should be; the bottom line is a bunch of ascii characters?? Did anybody see anything like this before? Otherwise the program works good.

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Posted on 2002-03-25 21:11:51 by czDrillard

What styles are you using for the toolbar ?


Posted on 2002-03-25 21:43:53 by hutch--
After helping another thread, and reading this doubling effect, "unicode" comes to mind??? XP is an NT kernal right?

I dunno could be wwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyy off base here, but its a stab :)

Posted on 2002-03-25 22:52:25 by NaN
you might want to try it on other platforms like WinNT or Win2k to see which OSes are affected.
Posted on 2002-03-25 23:00:06 by jademtech
hutch--, this is how I create the toolbar and buttons and set the styles:

mov tbb.iBitmap,0
mov tbb.idCommand,0
mov tbb.fsState,TBSTATE_ENABLED
mov tbb.fsStyle,TBSTYLE_SEP
mov tbb.dwData,0

invoke LoadBitmap,hInstance,141
mov hBmap,eax

invoke CreateToolbarEx,hWndList,WS_BORDER+WS_CHILD+TBSTYLE_AUTOSIZE,367,1,0,hBmap,ADDR tbb, 1,90,18,720,18,SIZEOF TBBUTTON
mov hToolBar,eax

invoke ShowWindow,hToolBar,SW_SHOW

mov Tba.hInst,NULL
mov eax,
mov Tba.nID,eax

mov tbb.iBitmap,0
mov tbb.fsState,TBSTATE_ENABLED
mov tbb.fsStyle,TBSTYLE_BUTTON
mov tbb.idCommand,301
invoke SendMessage,hToolBar,TB_ADDBUTTONS,1,ADDR



Interesting point Nan, maybe your right. but now I must find a way to correct it.

Thanks jademtech I'll do that.

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Posted on 2002-03-26 00:17:06 by czDrillard