Sorry, but I want only know if modifying a portiong of code of a dll al runtime is possible. I want to write a small debugger, like the integrated debugger of W32Dasm, and modifying a code at runtime is a feature that a debugger must have
Posted on 2002-03-26 08:41:09 by SaNGa
*Anything* is possible. Theres my answer. Im sorry, but please dont push this topic here. We can not alow public discussions on what *can* be veiwed in a wrong light.

Ie, Hacker/Cracker Bob who views this forum publicly would not care about the context such info was presented, only that it can *also* serve his needs as well. Essentially training him indirectly with such advice to make special patchers.

This is why we the board needs to be controlled and overlooked, and why we are MOD's!

This is the last time i will say it, "Please take these questions elsewhere, as they do not belong here."

Posted on 2002-03-26 13:12:34 by NaN
Ok, I had understood the lesson. Excuse me for the troubles :alright:
Posted on 2002-03-26 13:48:47 by SaNGa