Hey guys,

Im having a problem loading up jpgs from a resource file. I can load them just fine from disk using LoadPicture, but as soon as I try to load them via a resource ID, the program crashes..

Is there an easy way to do this? Ive tried just about everything :(

Im using C btw, but ASM is always welcome ;).

Posted on 2002-03-26 21:46:32 by Torch
What LoadPicture API? I find a lot of references for VB or Foxpro, plus one method from ther IPicture interface.

Where are you using it from?

If you mean OleLoadPicture, try copying the resource file image to some CoTaskMemAlloc'ed memory, then stream it.

I don't know WHY that should be necessary, but it is.
Posted on 2002-03-26 22:32:45 by Ernie