Hi All :

How can I obtain the MAC address of a card?

Posted on 2002-03-27 12:03:38 by nestor
Posted on 2002-03-27 13:48:50 by Hiroshimator

Here is some code I wrote a while ago.
It works on everything up to W2K.
But have not tested it on XP. ( Someone can let know? )

Please remember it's your responsibility to scan for all adapter cards ( PPP for dail-up, generates a fake one when active. ) and they are not always at 0 in the system list.

Enjoy your work, P1
Posted on 2002-03-28 08:44:58 by Pone
WinXP Prof. here.
works without problems. Just to let you know.

Posted on 2002-03-31 09:02:57 by phueghy
At my site is an example including the libs and includes for the ip helper API. It can list all adapters (like ipconfig), the name of the adapter is the MAC address iirc.

Posted on 2002-03-31 09:04:50 by Thomas