Hi im a newbie here and hope i have posted in the right forum
I'm also learning assembly and I've come accross a problem that i havnt been able to work out fully. I was wondering if someone could help me out. This is the problem.

I'm required to create an assembly program that reads the disk boot record from a disk drive (doesnt matter which) and display the following information:

Disk Name
Bytes per sector
Sectors per cluster
Number of disk sectors.

I would greatly appreciate any help
could u comment it so i know what u have done
thnx heaps
email is
Posted on 2002-03-27 17:27:09 by Cobolt
Hi Cobolt

I have written such a program called Readboot in 16-BIT ASM.
You can download the attachment,

or you can download it from my homepage:


Posted on 2002-03-27 19:39:12 by The SharK
hey thnx heaps The Shark for ya reply and the littl prog.

I was hoping for some coments with the source code explaing individual bits of the program just to help me out to understand it a little better.
Do u know any links or anyone who could help me out.

And again thx for the reply and prog.
Posted on 2002-03-27 19:53:15 by Cobolt
I suggest that now that you have the solution before you, you can analyse how it works with a program i used alot for such hardware like issues:

Help PC 21

Its a fantastic little DOS program that has cataloged almost every corner of the PC and 16 bit assembly issues.

Im sure the stuff you dont get in the source can easily be looked up with this program and 'discovered'...

Hope it helps..
Posted on 2002-03-27 20:32:22 by NaN
thnx for the advice, will check it out.
I'll let u know how i go
Posted on 2002-03-27 21:13:04 by Cobolt
Yup, I'll second HELPPC. I used it all the time in my 16 bit days. You can also add your own stuff to the TXT files data base, or even build your own new TXT files, and it comes with a program to reindex the updated TXT files.

Posted on 2002-03-28 00:43:02 by S/390