Hi all,

could someone kindly explain better how works this function ?

I mean: if i get the pointer in eax, the space allocated must be pointed by ds:eax ?

This is my problem: if i call an asm dll/exe from VB, and in the asm dll i create space in memory with GlobalAlloc/GMEM_FIXED, the segment register is the same for VB and asm? The two applications address space is the same ?
So if i get a parameter from VB ByRef, i receive only a 32 bit pointer, correct ? And how can i be sure to work in the same data segment of my asm dll?

Hope you understand my issue.
Any explaination will be very appreciated.

Thx Again, Bit 7
Posted on 2002-03-28 05:18:30 by Bit7
GlobalAlloc = LocalAlloc, and both map to HeapAlloc after doing some
parameter adjusments.

If you have your asm code in a DLL that the VB code uses, yeah,
they will be in the same address space. Under win32 your apps have
a flat address space, meaning that cd/ds/es/ss will be the same for
all applications.
Posted on 2002-03-28 06:29:30 by f0dder
thx f0dder !
Posted on 2002-03-30 04:33:47 by Bit7