Hi all!.
I need a program to convert a .asm MASM file, to TASM format. Is possible ??
Regards, and Bye.
Posted on 2002-03-28 22:31:47 by leaedx2002
There isn't one. Though I had a project once that converts from MASM->TASM and vice versa...I ditched the project. :(

So, I think you have to recode it manually.
Posted on 2002-03-28 22:35:46 by stryker
Not that i know of. But it sounds like you have stumbled on a good summer project :)

I say hack one out, and get your name known! Its definitely a tool to be had by many...

Best of luck..
Posted on 2002-03-29 00:11:58 by NaN