Hi !

Salieri, a member of this board, has done a nice example which shows how to use the DSound8 and DMusic8 libs. He gave me the permission to publish it on my website (thanks !). Also he had reported some bugs I have corrected now. Please take a look at this example.

Just click on the WWW-button below ...

Greetings, CALEB
Posted on 2002-03-29 16:44:47 by Caleb
Posted on 2002-03-29 18:58:43 by adapix
Afternoon, Caleb.

Fantastic!:alright:. I'd only got about a quarter of the way through those dmusic/dsound files.

Thanks Salieri for the example. It's really useful:) .

Posted on 2002-03-29 19:36:22 by Scronty

Thanks a lot for posting my sample, Caleb. I think this audiopath technique is the most suitable for game programming as it allows you to play midi music and wave data using the same method. You just create a segment out of each audio file and play it in the audiopath when you want. A logical step forward would be to adapt the code to create the segments from a resource instead of from a file, but that should be easy. Ah, sorry for the complete absence of comments in the code :rolleyes: The original sample in the DirectX SDK comes with all the comments needed ;)

Posted on 2002-03-31 17:25:25 by Salieri