Lots of improvements over 1.0.9

First time install: Unzip to C:\RadASM

Updateing: Make a backup first!


New upload 3-31-2002. Fixed some ReallyRad bugs.
New upload 04-01-2002. Added hiliting font styles.
New upload 04-06-2002. Added Image and Image Combo controls.

Attachment deleted.

Look Here for latest.
Posted on 2002-03-29 21:11:53 by KetilO
Some RadASM projects. Includes addin projects.


New upload 3-31-2002
Posted on 2002-03-29 21:15:52 by KetilO
Just found a redrawing bug in the dialog editor. I just created a new button and right clicked on it. When the popup menu disappeared it looked like the image attached.

Posted on 2002-03-30 09:30:41 by Delight
Hi Delight

Does this help on the paint problem?


Attachment deleted.
Posted on 2002-03-30 12:11:42 by KetilO
Yes, but i found a new one (or is it perhaps the same?):

1. Create a new button
2. Click and hold left mouse button on it
3. Move the button outside the dialog
4. Right click (do not release the left mouse button)
5. Release both mouse buttons
6. Click somewhere to remove the popup menu
(7. Move the mouse cursor over the dialog)

Posted on 2002-03-30 15:01:20 by Delight
KetilO, I tald the other day of black rects in place of +- in ListTree
I just want to illustrate it by picture.
I checked old version (1004) the one displays it OK.
Posted on 2002-03-30 15:37:56 by The Svin
Hi Delight

Very nasty bug. It is not related to the paint problem.
I will look into it.

Posted on 2002-03-30 15:54:49 by KetilO
Hi The Svin

I seem to remember you are using NT4. I guess NT handles treeviev background color differently from 98/2k/XP. I guess I must make an exception if background color is set to white to solve this problem.

Posted on 2002-03-30 16:00:23 by KetilO
Small error:

1. Open ASM file
2. Open DLG file
3. Select ASM file on tab
4. Right click on tab and close ASM file

After doing this the DLG file becomes topmost and the toolbox doesn't redraw the background. Here is a picture, see the black background to the toolbox:
Posted on 2002-03-30 16:45:19 by bitRAKE
Yes it works OK on W2K.
But a interesting notion is that in old versions there was no such an effect.
But it's actually minor problem (at least it wouldn't take me from using RadAsm alone).
I thought to try RadAsm in some serious project (you did very good brousing that is quite important for big projects).
What keeping me relactant to start is problem with national charset :) I tryed ones, thought I could get used to it, but in couple days it just drived me mad :).
No offence man, you are doing a great work, but if you overcome this problem someday - please, let me know, I would love to try again.
Excuse my ignorance, but you must have yours national charset too. How do you handle it?

BTW. I like your avatar. I am not sure if you know but in Russia there are speciall fillings towards vikings. One of greate dinasty in
Russian tzars were vikings (Ruricks), not as conquers but Russians themself asked vicking to give them Rurick as tzar to rule Russia as sign of great respect for him.

Vicking fought for Russians and Russians for vikings, so many there treat them as of the same blood.
Sometimes they fought against each other too.
Just for change :)
Posted on 2002-03-30 16:54:18 by The Svin
Hi all

The zip contains:

FlipCase.dll addin
ReallyRad.dll addin

ReallyRad now includes unike control names generation.

To bitRAKE:
The toolbox paint problem was solved in the FilipCase addin.

To The Svin:

If you select white background on the project browser the background color of the treeview is not set. This should solve your problem.

It is not necessary for me to select a codepage to get the three Norwegian letters, so I dont have your problem. If you can post a code snipplet with some Russian characters I might find a solution.

Yes the Norwegian vikings had lots of trade with the Russians, so they was not only wild savages plundering England and France. :grin:


New upload 3-31-2002. Fixed some ReallyRad bugs.
New upload 04-01-2002. Added hiliting font styles.

Look further down for a bug fix.
Posted on 2002-03-30 17:52:09 by KetilO
Hi all

The ReallyRad addin had a bug that can mess up your main RC file. :eek:
Those who dl'ed the previous 1.1.0 need only dl the above attachment.

Posted on 2002-03-31 05:13:52 by KetilO
hi Ketilo,

Dumb question, but what reallyrad does as of now?

It seems we can't set highlighted font bold yet in this release?
Posted on 2002-03-31 06:56:26 by ramzez
Hi ramzez

ReallyRad does:

1. Options dialog.
2. Auto add dialog to main RC file.
3. Auto add menu to main RC file.
4. Auto update resources (bitmaps, icons, cursors) to main RC file.
5. Auto update versioninfo to main RC file.
6. Auto add main RC file if not existing.
7. Auto create Res folder if not existing.
8. Dbl click on dialog control jumps to code.
9. Selecting from dialog menu jumps to code.
10. Generates unike control names.

Font type selection is on my todo list.

Posted on 2002-03-31 09:50:29 by KetilO
Hi all

For those interested.
As part of the syntax hiliting you can now select bold and / or italic font styles.

The zip contains RadASM.exe only.


Look further down for a bugfix
Posted on 2002-03-31 14:54:23 by KetilO
Ketilo thanks!!! :alright:

I really appreciate it.
Posted on 2002-03-31 18:55:54 by ramzez
hey ketil0, i can't seem to get to work you reallyrad plug-in, i double clicked on a button and nothing happens....
Posted on 2002-04-01 04:32:34 by Tsongkie[ii]
Hi Tsongkie

In this early version of ReallyRad where both module file and proc names are unknown, I seach the project for '==' and the contrls name 'IDC_BTN1'. If this is not found I search for 'cmp' and control name. If neigther is found, nothing happends.
Later on in the ReallyRad project, when module and proc names is known this would create a codeline in the WM_COMMAND section of the proc.

Check if ReallyRad.dll is in the Addin folder and that RadASM.ini section looks like this:

;FlipCase,x (1=Flip case, 2=Auto Show/Hide Output, 4=Auto Show/Hide ToolBox, 8=Save as temp, 15=All)

Posted on 2002-04-01 06:37:02 by KetilO
Hello KetilO.
I've found 3 bugs in RadASM that I was able to repeat.

The first one is related with the scroll bar of richedit windows. If you open source code that is large enough for the vertical scroll bar to exist when the output is still visible but not big enough for the scroll bar to be essential if the output window is hidden, and you grab the scroll bar, a few seconds later output will become hidden and some kind of the ghost bar will still be there.

Second one has to do with new RAD fetures. If you add a new resource, (lets take a dialog for example) and save it in the root directory of the current project it works fine, everything is fine, the main RC is updated, but if then you try to add a new dialog that and save it in \RES it will not be included or will have wrong path name.

The third one has to do with version info combined with dialogs and maybe menus too. If you create a new project, edit version info, it gets added to the main RC. If then you go to add a new dialog, it gets included but it scr*ws the first line below... so it looks something like this:

#include <Res\Res\12Dlg.rc>

You see that both path name of the dialog is wrong as well as the line below. (I saved the dialog in Res\ not Res\Res).

See ya
Posted on 2002-04-01 13:26:35 by Milos
Hi Ketilo

When i choose 'Help' then 'X86 Op Codes' it can't find the file x86eas.hlp. This file is have to be in masm32/help dir, but there i have only opcodes.hlp (masm32 v7 package) and i can't link it.

Posted on 2002-04-01 13:57:42 by stanks