Hey guys,

I've been looking around all morning trying to figure out how to create a toolbar that uses 32x32x256 icons... The toolbar works, just can't figure out how to make the icons look better.

Any ideas?

James Emmrich
Posted on 2002-03-30 15:25:21 by JamesE
Probably your graphics card settings(Just a guess). Try IrfanView it can save any gif, jpg, bmp -> .ico just resize the image files to 32x32. :)
Posted on 2002-03-30 16:20:57 by stryker

With higher colour counts for the toolbar bitmap, you have to approach the images in a different manner. Things like anti-aliasing and more gradual colour blending seems to do the trick. I preferentially use 16 colour bitmaps because they are smaller and while they have a more restricted range in what you can do with them, with practice they work OK.


Posted on 2002-03-30 17:28:40 by hutch--
test this out this should be what your looking for. its just a basic window with a toolbar on it using an 8bit bmp for a background image. although im using a bmp this should also work with icons. pay special attention to the ImageList_Create flag. you can set this to take up to 32bit bmp's. if this isnt what your looking for...... oops sorry!

i forgot in the code to destroy the loaded image and also the imagelist.
Posted on 2002-03-30 18:13:40 by smurf
Thanks guys! All I was missin was ILC_COLOR16 in imagelist_create

James Emmrich
Posted on 2002-03-30 18:49:34 by JamesE