I got a block of code that masm will not let me work from if i go over 19 repetentions. So after over 3 years i am now going to go to see what TASM is going to do to ME.

Do anyone know of an GooD IDE for it. And also do anyone know where i can get the Phar Lap Linker...

Also do someone know of a Ready Made, Ready to Run D A M E BEST Assembler like Nasm or what ever.... I don't have 10 months trying just to put the darn thing together...

Masm is good but it's too scare of ME these days !!!!

I am not jumping ship but i got an sepreate project that must be completed and if masm can't do the job...i'll go down to dos if i have too. DAME and i just got the swing of things....i a B- now Thanks only to you, you and expecially YOU.


Posted on 2002-03-30 16:08:29 by cmax
here or here. :) You can always use any IDE, just change or customize the parameters on assembling to suit your need. :)
Posted on 2002-03-30 16:17:50 by stryker
Thanks stryker,

I got to really look in to it. I really think i was on my way to creating my own (close to api) Allocate funtion and masm stop me in my TRACK...Dead in Front of My Face.... with no shame in it's game...

i am mad as HELL againnnnnn.

You guys taugh me to much to say i don't know what i am doing and what i am seeing....

Looks like a job for Bit7
Posted on 2002-03-30 16:27:24 by cmax

I'm just wondering... how come MASM32 wasn't able to keep up with your expectations? What is it unable to do which p+sses you off so much ?
Posted on 2002-03-30 16:51:44 by JimmyClif
Jimmy it's all based on an idea that is for a commercial product... I GOT IT FIX......I LOVE MASM AGAIN. When Masm runs out of .ifs for you, you have to strart all over again with LEA and a new row of IF's

It's very simple. For those who saw it use it, i will e-mail it to you Jimmy i promise.
Posted on 2002-03-31 01:59:30 by cmax