I decided to download the Platform SDK from Microsoft, but found that the download would take between 7 & 12 hours, my ISP cuts off my connection after 2 hours so I decided to apply for the 'FREE' CD, free my foot! Microsoft charges 17 dollars handling charge, I have books sent to me from Amazon.com for a handling charge of 5 dollars the last one being Charles Petzolds Programming Windows which must weigh at least 50 times as heavy as a CD, who do Microsoft think they are kidding!:mad:
Posted on 2001-08-01 15:07:32 by Mel
Yeah, mine too....You could (if possible) download it from an FTP site which supports file resuming if that's any help. Well just think how I feel when microsoft don't deliver outside the US/Canada! I mean, mp3.com managed to send me a FREE CD out to me. Sure, it took a while to get to me, in the UK - from the US.
Posted on 2001-08-01 15:10:24 by Syntax
use download accelerator (www.speedbit.com)! its a great prog which speed up your download up to 300% and supports resume so if your isp disconnects you you can open dap the next time you're online and click "resume". good luck...
Posted on 2001-08-01 15:40:09 by blabla

I was much of the same view that on a dial up I was not going to try and download the Platformsdk either so I forked the $15 US and bought it because spending 3 days to download it would have driven me nutz.

Funny part is that there is not that much of interest on it for me, I needed the later libraries but I had most of the rest of it so I have not gained much. Look on the bright side, the platformsdk used to be part of a very expensive subscription to Microsoft so they have got a bit better with $15 US. :)


Posted on 2001-08-01 20:55:58 by hutch--
Afternoon, Mel.

Just imagine if you gave yourself an hourly rate when at home (i.e us$10.00/hr). The time spent downloading bits of the P/SDK would be far greater than the us$17 spent on the CD.;)

Even though nobody sits in front of a PC, with a blank look on their face, waiting for a download to complete (well, not everyone:grin: ); I've found that a few minutes of my time (and us$17) was a far better investment than the struggle of waiting for M$s' download pages to appear.:alright:

Afternoon, Syntax.

What do you mean, M$ doesn't deliver outside of the US/Canada?
The P/SDK CD reached Oz within the estmated time (4 -> 6 weeks, max). :)

Posted on 2001-08-01 23:04:06 by Scronty
Well, The majority verdict seems to be pay up which I am relunctantly going to do, and yes you're right they do deliver worldwide,
Posted on 2001-08-02 01:33:53 by Mel
HEy Mel,
if you'v got a mate at a university(mega braodband connections!!) then get them to download the P/sdk for you.

I could even do it for you if you asked nicely:alright:
Posted on 2001-08-03 06:13:15 by MArtial_Code
Good suggestion, but too late I've paid up.:(
Posted on 2001-08-03 13:11:59 by Mel
I take it all back Microsoft, I've just received my CD and it took just 36 hours to get here - that's what I call service:alright:
Posted on 2001-08-04 02:33:43 by Mel