As requirement for my goal of creating a Celluar DataBase, I will need to read files. After purusing through the Win32 API Help, I created a tutorial example.

   I found the process of reading a file under Win32 much easy than in DOS16 (maybe it's just that I'm more skilled now.) I also noticed that Iczelion had no examples, so I decided to post this one. I really need to get my own web space though.

   In the future I'll improve the readability and organisation of the code. But for now feel free to use and abuse this code in any legal fashion.

  • Has primative error checking.
  • The Success alert was added to troubleshoot the below:
  • It was reading the file ok, but not displaying ti. Then I realized that I had to InvalideRect
    to get the text to display. Found by accident using OllyDbg (I clicked run, checked the
    buffer, and then brought the app forward, causing an InvalidateRect msg.)

Edit: Forgot to mention that the source is mutalation of the FAsm translation of Iczelions Tutorial 4.
Posted on 2001-08-02 03:01:12 by eet_1024