Hello. Yesterday I made a sky box using DirectX 8.
I did not use any X files but I created vertex by hand.
Textures I use are 512x512 pixels in 16bit color.

The problem I am experiencing is that borders inside the cube are very sharp and you can tell where one side ends and another one begins.

For my vertex i use XYZ and TEX1 formats. I turned off the Z buffer and Culling.

I am still new to this Direct3D stuff so any help is appreciated.

Here is what I mean... please help, this becomes very frustrating... :confused:

...if the image does not show, please get if from:
Posted on 2002-04-08 15:16:56 by Milos

You might consider using a skysphere as it will sure look better.

Some texture tweaking is required like making it fully seamless

Another ideea is to tweak the normals a little.
Posted on 2002-04-08 15:47:05 by BogdanOntanu