I'm looking for some good DirectX/OpenGL tutorials using MASM32. Any help is appreciated.
Posted on 2002-04-08 19:40:33 by M.B.
OpenGL -> http://nehe.gamedev.net - look for the MASM version by (scalp) on the bottom of a page tutorial
DirectX -> http://www.scrontsoft.com

Posted on 2002-04-08 20:31:50 by stryker

I'm looking for some good DirectX/OpenGL tutorials using MASM32. Any help is appreciated.

Many of this type of question has been answered in the past :)

The best way to find any information you seek on this board is to use the "search" button at the top right of your screen...

Type in "Opengl" "Tutorial" or "DirectX" "Tutorial" without the " "...

There are just too many to list...

Search the board...

Posted on 2002-04-08 20:33:58 by Sliver
Can it be that DX8.1 doesn't support rotating apis for 3D?

Scrontsoft uses a helper dll 'D3DX8D.DLL' that's not
included in the DX8.1 package for 'non-programmers'.

So, we must write our own rotation functions, must we?
We can only use D3D8.DLL because that is on every

Make a search for 'rotate' in D3D8.DLL, you won't find
anything... :(

Please, tell me that I am wrong... If I am right then OpenGL
is the better choice. Esp. for beginners...

Kind regards
Posted on 2002-04-12 08:30:43 by Nils
Afternoon, Nils.

I used that debug dll (D3DX8D.DLL) in the beginning, because I didn't have the correct .libs at the time.

Also, when I switched to DX8.1, and stopped using the debug lib, it was because I managed to obtain the correct .libs. However, 'cos these .libs were for VC++v7, I also had to use the msvcr70.dll .

As long as you're using the neccessary includes (i.e. advapi32.lib and msvcrt.lib), plus you've got the VC++v6 .libs, then you'll be able to use d3dx8.lib (and not d3dx8d.lib).

ummm. What do you mean by rotation functions? Matrice rotations?

Posted on 2002-04-12 20:52:33 by Scronty
Hi All!
Hi Nils!

Well... The truth is d3dx8d is a dll and it's a debug version of functions (located in SDK/Samples/multimedia/support). D3dx8 is a lib with all the same functions but... Non-debug and linked into your code instead of dynamic linking (SDK/LIB)...

Well... I should say i'm developing a web site with d3d8 tutorials, but - it's in polish... I don't think anyone of you can make any use of it (sources are well commented, but in polish - as i said - even though a source is a source). Besides, i'm new on this forum, but i'm looking for posting some (translated) examples of my work to share all my experiences with others... It's just a question of time... :)

Back to d3dx8 topic... Just a long, long time i was using TASM. Till the moment i've discovered that i won't be able to run my apps on other machines because of missing linking component "d3dx8d.dll". It was the best time to change my software-related habits... M$ forced me to use it's progs... TASM hasn't been able to use d3dx8.lib (because of OMF / COFF incompatibility) but MASM is... Thank's to Iczelion and Hutch i had no problem getting proper software pack (but i don't use qeditor, preferring "make.bat" all the time, and i construct manually d3d inc files).

Advice: use MASM and d3dx8.lib... Everything will work OK.

Best regards, Mikael
Posted on 2002-04-16 05:09:18 by MikaelC