In c i can do something like this...


to access one of the structers members when all i have is the address of the structure. Does asm do this in any way? If not, is there some kind of workaround?
Posted on 2002-04-12 02:32:56 by ChimpFace9000
;ecx is pointer to RECT struct
mov eax, (RECT ptr ).x


assume ecx:ptr RECT

mov eax, .x
mov edx, .y

assume ecx:nothing
Posted on 2002-04-12 02:38:43 by Thomas
Doh, Thomas!!! You replied when i previewed my own :eek:

So i trimmed the fat down to what you left out:

Method 3:

mov .RECT.x, 10

As well nested structs would be like C, just add another dot.

Posted on 2002-04-12 02:47:09 by NaN