Does anyone have reference or list for messages that are sent directly to the application, not the window of that application
until now i tought that program without window can't recive any messages but that is not true
example of this messages is WM_CANCELJOURNAL

quote from MSDN

The WM_CANCELJOURNAL message is posted to an application when a user cancels the application's journaling activities. The message is posted with a NULL window handle.

This message has no parameters.

Return Values
This message does not return a value. It is meant to be processed from within an application's main loop or a GetMessage hook procedure, not from a window procedure

thanks in advance
Posted on 2002-04-13 09:18:53 by Mikky
Nonwindow messages are "posted" to a thread message queue with PostThreadMessage. "Sent" messages (SendMessage, etc.) always require a window.

Here are some Win32 messages that I know of:

WM_QUIT, generated by PostQuitMessage, never gets sent to a window.

WM_TIMER is always posted to a thread. You can create one timer that doesn't need a window.
Posted on 2002-04-15 13:44:38 by tenkey