Hi KetilO,
The source in RadAsm project.
Posted on 2002-04-24 21:24:31 by The Svin
Hey Svin.

Im rehashing this thread, cause I want to thank you again for this great tool! :grin:

Im amazed how many times I find myself refering to it while i build my new edit control!!!

Thanx again, good work!
Posted on 2002-04-30 22:27:47 by NaN
It's on my RadASM tools menu! All the info is in one
place and it's quickier than grabing the Intel manual. :alright:
Posted on 2002-04-30 22:46:55 by bitRAKE
You are most wellcome.
It was aimed to two perposes:
1. Demo tool for flags & jcc tuts I'm working on.
2. Part of a lot more advanced utility, that serve for analysing
affection commands on flags, seeking the way to optimize control blocks.
I have no problem to code it, but haven't find yet ergonomic interface (I hate complex interfaces - I'm always lost in big interface programms :)

On one hand of source queries - commands - they may be groupped in numerous ways. To choose all, one or somegroups to work with.
On other flags we can choose for
1. any of it affected
2. any unaffected
3. all affected
4. all unaffected
+ combination of affected\unaffected queries

Commands affecting\or not some flags.
Flags affectation are different:
1 notion
Command may set some flag according to arithmetic result, or to 0
or to 1, or on some special condition, or according to some events
during the command operation.
2 notion
Command may affect some flags and doesn't touch the rest.
3 looking for info we may be interesting on commands
change all choosen flags
unchange all choosen flags
change any of choosen flags
unchange any of choosen flags
combination on affectation\not affectation
+ seting to 0 or to 1.

all that bring also query of sequence of commands with
just one jcc by wich you can determine numerous condition at once, or in opposite - a sevelral jcc just after one operation.
And much more.
It's all well structured in my head, by I need to bring it to easy to use and understand ergonomic interface
That the case when desing and user logic is more difficult than coding it. :)
Posted on 2002-04-30 23:21:12 by The Svin
It will not be invain!!! I got some new ideas...It will all make since latter because my blab will not make since right now111 :)

Hello Guys
Posted on 2002-04-30 23:40:31 by cmax