Hi guys,

I was wondering what the interest level for y'all was in a book(s) on Win32 ASM Game programming.

I am just finishing up a "re-vamp" of my article series - plus the completion of the final section - for inclusion in "Game Programming: Tricks of the Trade." This book is similar to Game Programming Gems, in that it is a collection of "tricks" for the programmer.

With that in mind, I thought about continuing on in the same style (read: development of a full game) but focusing on different, more complex, genres - 2d adventure, rpg, rts, 3d fps, etc..

Each of those genres would most likely fill an entire book with the things I have planned to cover. I have a rough outline for the 2d adventure game book ... wrote it up today while it was fresh in my mind.

I have no idea if this idea sits well with Premier (the publisher), for their game development series. But, if there is enough interest, I may shop it around even if they don't want to undertake the project.

Anyway, thoughts and opinions are appreciated ... good or bad. :)

- Chris
Posted on 2002-04-14 20:56:07 by bit
Unfortunatelly for me if the book(s) will be published in US, it will be very hard to get it. And at higher price, than the price listed on the internet.
Still i'll try to get it.
Btw, is there a seven part of your article "Win32 Assembly" on the gamedev.net?
Posted on 2002-04-15 09:23:04 by scarpelius
I don't think your publisher will want that, most frown on assembler. :/
Posted on 2002-04-15 11:44:29 by Hiroshimator

Hi guys,

I was wondering what the interest level for y'all was in a book(s) on Win32 ASM Game programming.

- Chris

I believe the intrest is there...

The larger the popularity for Assembler as a whole the larger the audience a book like this will find... but I agree with Hiro that convincing a publisher will be the hardest part...

I'm sticking to writing tutorials on the subject, because it is the best way for me to get the subject out for others...

Good Luck... :) Can't wait for the examples!

Posted on 2002-04-15 14:02:32 by Sliver
Well, I have interest from the publisher. But, not in the format I was considering. Instead of a game programming book for assembly language programmers they want me to write an assembly language book for game programmers. :rolleyes:

My guess is that by writing it about assembly you cover a larger audience since all potential game programmers might have use for it.

The book would mainly focus on its usage in relation to game development and would be focused on inline snippets. Covered topics would be basic instructions, floating point, mmx, 3d now, and of course profiling to determine where/what to code in asm. I would probably cover complete asm module development as well - just to be complete.

An example of how things would be covered is: bit manipulation w/ examples during resource compression (huffman and/or lz).

Although optimization is a by-product (as it always is w/ asm). The book is mainly going to focus on the techniques and basic knowledge as there is another book coming out which has the focus on optimizing stuff. The core goal with this book would be the understanding of the usage for assembly lanaguge mixed with the C/C++ code.

So, now that the scope of the idea has changed considerably ... what does everyone think?

BTW scarpelius, I will be releasing Part 7 of my article series online (at least I plan to), but not for awhile.

- Chris
Posted on 2002-04-16 09:40:14 by bit
Well, I'd have to agree with your publisher. If you write a book of games programming in assembly, I'd be just as interested in data structures etc, even if it is assembly for game programmers.

Hope that makes sense, in a bit of a rush.
Posted on 2002-04-16 10:26:01 by ThoughtCriminal
Originally posted by bit
The core goal with this book would be the understanding of the usage for assembly lanaguge mixed with the C/C++ code.
- Chris

This right here is the most important part :)

I'd buy it! If that is any indication of demand in this area... but maybe I'm unique, but prob. not :)

Posted on 2002-04-22 02:08:45 by Sliver
I'd buy it as well. It's very educational to see another programmer's coding style for me, so if I find a good book in an area of my interest then I usually buy it.
Posted on 2002-04-22 07:10:50 by Hiroshimator

I am also interested in GOOD programming books (no matter whether they are english or german :P )

Since I go to school to learn programming (we have to learn C, didn't realize C is so stupid, or should I call it "open"? It just lets you do any stupid mistakes...) we are reading books as well

    [*]C Kompakt Referenz by Helmut Herold (ADDISON-WESLEY)
    [*]UNIX by J. Gulbins, K. Obermayr (SPRINGER)
    [*]There will be other books after some time, for example JAVA, and C++

    I also have some other programming books (rent from the library) and if your book will be available in Germany/Cologne you will have to send me a private autograf, which I can paste into the book :grin:

    YaWNS aka Stefan K.
Posted on 2002-04-24 14:20:37 by YaWNS