Don't be afraid to post questions like i use to be. Being afraid that the question is just plain stupit. and being afraid of being called a me "wannabe" or "NewBee". They all were once upon a time. And most of the people who call names are spoiled coders who when through hell back in the dos days. Dos is Dead and who know how they really feel today because of the easy masm32. And if you think your question is stupit just look at my track record. Also alway search the Board for previous post pertaining to your quetion and you will sometime find your answer right in front of you. If not you may be on something that most have never really thought about and that will always be an help to us all no matter how big or small it may be. I can only promise that this is an experence that will surly take you far. They seldom rest. Their is alway something new to learn about. It's a never ending process.
Posted on 2002-04-15 07:47:34 by cmax