Excellent :)
I'll see if I can stir up some ogl noise :)
Posted on 2004-09-29 05:46:13 by Homer
Why use manual BMP file parsing, when you can use OleLoadPicture and support gif,jpeg,bmp? :)

Posted on 2004-09-29 06:16:31 by f0dder
It works :) Attached binary is "my spin on nehe tute #3"
Posted on 2004-09-29 07:08:32 by Homer
The "normal" way has a msvc70 dependancy - I assume IOlePictureThingy has some vc dependancy too, yes?
Posted on 2004-09-29 07:09:44 by Homer
Why would the OleLoadPicture have any VC dependency? It's nothing but use of API functions. Should be supported even on Win95, at least with a not prehistoric IE version. See Ernie's "BitmapFrom*.asm" from the masm32 library (but be aware that there's a double-free bug in BitmapFromMemory, invoke CoTaskMemFree, pGlobal should be removed (because of fDeleteOnRelease=TRUE on the call to CreateStreamOnHGlobal).
Posted on 2004-09-29 07:13:21 by f0dder
E?in - I modified your proc to check the returnvalue of CreateFile and return NULL for Error - File Not Found.
I've credited you for it in my source, which will form part of a tutorial.
Posted on 2004-09-29 07:15:30 by Homer
it's good to post entire projects, that way some one can put the program through the moves and give you poinient idea's of whats really going on :shock:
Posted on 2004-10-03 08:57:04 by dowhatnow
You mean - can I please see the source?

The answer is yes - soon :)
I'm writing some silly tutorials for ogl, I'll post them plus source @ http://homer.ultrano.com within the week.
Posted on 2004-10-03 09:17:11 by Homer