Hey, I have a problem with RadAsm and compiling in debug mode.

I get this error LINK : fatal error LNK2023: bad dll or entry point 'msobj10.dll'

anyone know what is the cause and a solution? I only get this in RadAsm. If I create a batch and compile/link there in debug I don't get this error. Thanx
Posted on 2002-04-16 07:38:07 by Rockinronstar
Are the build settings in RadASM the same as the ones you use in the batch file?
Posted on 2002-04-16 09:16:13 by Qweerdy
hard to tell, RadAsm has a few internal script style settings embedded within the settings box. Not sure what these do.

I don't tamper with the settings RadAsm sets up though. I click the debug box and then compile - then this error happens every time

Posted on 2002-04-16 10:43:08 by Rockinronstar