Anyone know of a good .dll or.lib for controlling com ports in asm that would work in win9x,ME,2000,XP ??

Posted on 2002-04-17 00:55:19 by SirDan
See Thomas' web site.. He revised a someone's source that appearently now covers all os's ( dont know about XP tho ). ~ ASMIO.DLL

Posted on 2002-04-17 01:14:04 by NaN
Thats what i was looking for! Thanks
Posted on 2002-04-17 01:38:01 by SirDan
The latest version of WinIO does not require my additional libary, only the prototypes.
The new prototypes are somewhere in the snippet library at my site.

Posted on 2002-04-17 05:11:56 by Thomas