I am thinking of creating my own program to connect to msn messanger service (and maybe others) dose anyone have any information on the network protocol used by this program?
Posted on 2002-04-17 13:00:05 by Kudos
i don't, but you can certainly find out the hard way, like me, if they don't use some obfuscated method of communcation. just listen on one computer (run MSN on it as well) and then post replies that you get from another computer (by relaying the info by hand). i learned to write my POP3 server that way... until i learned of RFCs and had not time to read them.
Posted on 2002-04-17 22:19:18 by jademtech
Look at the open source messenger called Miranda.
Posted on 2002-04-17 22:25:45 by bitRAKE
Posted on 2002-04-21 13:28:31 by endeavour
Look at the source for the MSN gateway for Jabber.

Posted on 2002-04-23 08:37:58 by rdaneel
isn't there a tutorial on how to make a messenger program ? or a source code in asm for it ? or does anybody has that source code with comments and stuff ?
Posted on 2002-09-03 18:59:05 by Bolle
Out of curiousity, do companies like MS or AOL or Yahoo care if you use their servers from your instant messenger clone? I've seen several of programs like this (Ex. Trillian) which handle the MSN, ICQ, AIM, etc protocols but are obviously not providing the servers.

Posted on 2002-09-04 19:45:28 by chorus
they probably do mind but what can they do?


you are free to send them packets, if they adhere to the msn protocol then the server will act accordingly...

i guess the servers could require that the client sends what sort of client it is, but obviously you could fake it..
Posted on 2003-04-22 05:08:44 by abc123
I found this while doing a quick 'google' .. http://www.devarticles.com/art/1/225

It says part 1/3 .. but it looks new .. so the other parts may be 'Coming Soon'
Posted on 2003-04-22 07:36:32 by gorshing
Maybe this is usefull..
Posted on 2003-04-23 08:30:13 by Guerrilla