Hi all,

I am not quite sure how to handle Owner-draw menu, please someone will give me some links or anything infomations will be appreciated.

also, I have seen Thomas' snippet code for his Web-server trayicon's menu. Thats exactly what I want to do, but me stuck on the Owner-draw part....

Thomas : I am not quite sure how u use drawtext; according to your snippet code. I will like to get more helps from you. will you willing to help me out??

Help please,

THANKS in adv,
Posted on 2002-04-18 19:50:00 by Yanda
Posted on 2002-04-18 20:30:50 by iblis
thank you!:alright:
Posted on 2002-04-19 01:19:15 by Yanda

I am now understand how the owner-draw part works!

but my menu seem to use default font.

I want to change the font size, and set the menu items to BOLD.

how to do that????

thankx in adv,
Posted on 2002-04-22 17:09:29 by Yanda
so anyone got any idea how to change font styles in menus?

let say I want to use DrawText api to draw the text out to my owner-draw menu, but then the font is defaulted, so I want to change to other font style, like Arial with Bold.

how can that be done???

Helps appreciated!

thankx in adv,
Posted on 2002-04-23 16:18:37 by Yanda