I would like to have a connection but without an other program.

When I'm already connected, I 'm successful to send data towards my mail.

But I would like to do the same thing when I'm not connected.
J would like, my prog connected itself to internet (and not an other prog like AOL who's do that for example.) and after J'll could do that I do already.

What are the fonctions and there order to use to do that. please?

Posted on 2002-04-20 15:59:38 by Morgatte

I'm not sure if this is what you want, but it is
the easiest way to have your email program
establish a Dial-Up Networking (DUN) connection.

If there is already a connection, the program goes
on with whatever you are trying to do. If there
is no connection, it will display the dial-up
connection dialog. If you succesfully connect,
after you send your email, the program will
disconnect from the DUN if the program had to
establish the connection.

Oddly enough, this worked great on my Win95
machines but gave a memory access error during the
DllInstall routine on my WinNT 4 sp6a machine. If
someone could check if the DUN is established on
their WinNT, 2000, or XP machines I would
appreciate it very much.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for!

Posted on 2002-04-22 01:35:09 by farrier
thanks thanks Farrier...

It was for sending mail with Flash 5, but in Local.

my customer want to have a local site on his computer and want to send email, but without using port 80 (so I can't use PHP) but the 21 is ok, so I can using SMTP protocol in a little prog.

Still, Thanks...
Posted on 2002-04-24 07:15:37 by Morgatte