Hello Everybody

Could someone please tell me how can i sterch a window. I have a 4 inch wide window that can be moved with an .ini file for x y only. The best place for it is at the bottom, far right. So the user would have to click a button that will make the window increase in Width from the screen right side by 4 more inches inorder to get other users controls when needed.

I don't think Move Window will work because you never know the starting position (the users perfer position), and it should only strech from the right side and keep it same top to bottom position. I hope it is possible. i know windows usually build from left to right.

Thanks in advance
Posted on 2002-04-22 06:28:27 by cmax
Hi cmax

Was it something like this you were looking for?

Posted on 2002-04-22 06:53:51 by KetilO
SetSize, I got to read the API, I think i can find something to reverse it or maybe do a good tricky code with it. This may work...

Thank KetilO
Posted on 2002-04-22 07:16:24 by cmax
Thank a TON KetilO, you got me thinking and i came up with.

I GOT TO LEARN ASM for real now.

I never did math with ASM but do you or someone have a sample for what i need to do. All i need is one good ONE and i will be on my way....forever

I think all i have to do is subtract 200 from Rect_Position.left
Push and Call.
I guest my quest would be how do you do something like this properly

.if Rect_Position.left == <> sub 200

Now i see why you guy are all gun hoe about those little bitty bites...May be strange to you but my mind is really BLOWN now....After all of this time it never even darn on me. But i never did like math and you can't be an real Programer with-out it.
Posted on 2002-04-22 08:35:45 by cmax
Hi cmax

If my little help makes you geting serious into asm, then my day is done.
Maybe this is closer to what you want?

Posted on 2002-04-22 10:22:35 by KetilO
You took the fun out of me learning about how to add and subtract. I O U Big Time. Thats the WHOLE dll. WoW...

Let me ask you one more question and than i can easy up. I see a lot of stuff about DIV but nothing about ADDing & Subtrating. Can this still be done with the computer standard Reg. EAX and so on, or do you have to go for floating points. If so that's is a shame that standard stuff can't be used.

Anyway you save my but AgaiN and i will come through for you some day soon. I think i got 1/2 of your knowledge right now so it want be long before i catch up kicking up all kind of dust ...

Thank Again
Posted on 2002-04-22 12:31:58 by cmax
My personal choice for changing a window is SetWindowPos. It takes the window size in top, left, width, height format, a Z-order flag, and another flag with useful things like SWP_NOSIZE (ie, ignore width and height entries) or SWP_NOMOVE (ie, ignore left and top entries), a SHOW, HIDE, and several other useful things.
Posted on 2002-04-22 14:10:09 by Ernie

Thanks, but i appreciate some of Windows api's, but i want to use less of them as possible. I founded that they all don't treat me right. (Helping to screw stuff up worser Blocking my code or just calling itself keeping me in check. Not ALL but SOME)...But you know i will try it anyway :)

How about some Icon Power in your LiB.

Just talking...I just happy i found the solution to one of my last problems.

Hey KetilO

It might be be a good idea to write that program for a real window tooo. That way everything is covered perfectly. Windows itself will defie you if you try to read from RIGHT TO LEFT for our program windows. (I did everything right...all KIND of stuff that should work for even a baby) No LIE it got so good that Windows just silently shut my program down With out The CRASH :) But i guest they got to protect themselfs from a fool like ME if they want to stay on top... I still plan to use stretchshrink. Who do you know that throught of that ...Keep up the good work. I need math because I ready to gut my project get down to the bites. What you say about your Days :)

But for real that did it for me because you can't find nothing in Windows going the other WAy and you did it...
Posted on 2002-04-22 17:41:59 by cmax