After searching for all references of using SoftICE as a symbolic debugger for code output by MASM, I have finally been able to see my code in the disassembler window.

The "fix"? As well installing SoftICE to an 8-char folder name (which is the clue I should have picked up on), my source and executable needs to be in an 8-char folder as well. I'm assuming the LOADER32 program is a 32-bit app but using 16-bit code and falls over on long filenames.

Hope this helps anyone else.

After lurking here for quite a while (2 weeks is "quite a while" in computer terms:) ) I feel quite at home here, and have noticed the very constructive posts that seem to be the norm. And the helpfulness is also in abundance. NICE TO BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art of Assembler???? That's just what anything done well Art
Posted on 2002-04-23 03:33:40 by Amundo