I recently got the source of Dfm2asm (generously givven by aquila - Tks again).

I translated the files, but i can't figure it out how to make the procedures open under a dialog control.

I crated an dialog, and i inserted the main code of Dfm2asm, and tryed to make it open an .txt file, and go thourgh the procedures.

But i can't make it work.

I'm posting the files i made so far (Dfm2asm - src , and filetest.asm).

I don't know how to make it open the file and parse through the main functions without crash.

The files are: dfm2asmEn.asm (Original Dfm2asm)
Fileteste2.asm (my initial attempts to make it on windows)

Best regards,

Posted on 2002-04-24 00:31:00 by Beyond2000!