I need a little help. I want to send a structured data trough socket. The structure is very simple

sdata STRUCT
time dd 0
ecomm dd 0
kill dd 0
sdata ENDS

I have put in .data MySdata sdata<>

invoke recv,eax,addr MySdata,600,0
does not work!

I don't know how to do this!
Thank You
Posted on 2002-04-24 19:12:02 by robroy
assuming you connected properly, you structure isn't even close to 600 bytes long...
Posted on 2002-04-24 22:42:59 by jademtech
you can use sizeof to give the size of the structure in bytes.

invoke recv,eax,addr MySdata,sizeof MySdata,0

Posted on 2002-04-30 16:02:22 by Jurgen