I've been unable to maintain the RadASM Direct information since April 2, 2002... is there anyone there that's willing to take over and maintain it?

I was planning on creating a message direct system that is capable of handling many diffent messages for various applications... for example, MASM32 news, RadASM news, Win32 assembly news, etc...

I started a software company so I can sell my stuff... I'll eventually get around to it, but for now, I'm not having the time. I intended to make it php driven so that KetilO can maintain himself.

If someone is willing to make it happen, I'll give you an account on my (fully paid for) site with MySQL and php4 support (for purposes of this add-in only... since I have to pay for the bandwidth). I get 10GB of bandwidth per month and 100MB of storage (I just reduced to from 300 MB and 15GB) and 60 of it is in use... and I'm willing to continue hosting if someone can pick up where I left off...


EDIT: KetiIO, the only other thing I'm willing to do in this stead, is allow KetiIO to host his own site on my domain...
Posted on 2002-04-24 21:46:28 by _Shawn
how much G bandwidth does it consume? If it's not too much I can just put it here no need for you to keep paying
Posted on 2002-04-25 04:01:33 by Hiroshimator
It hasn't yet used more than 10MB/mo. The file size is 22k currently.

Posted on 2002-04-25 04:45:07 by _Shawn
well if you're ok with it, send it to my e-mail and I'll put it up
Posted on 2002-04-25 05:05:00 by Hiroshimator