Does anyone have full description of .mdl and .bsp formats or knows some good tutorials on using these type of files? Please help with this.

Thanks in advance!!
Posted on 2002-04-26 09:31:54 by M.B.
For file format of .mdl try http://www.wotsit.org/
Posted on 2002-04-26 10:06:24 by scarpelius
Yada Yada

I still ain't seen a decent example of BSP source coded in asm, and it sure isn't from being too lazy to search...:mad:
And I have trouble defining structures for them masm-style
and usually resort to using C-style structure definitions in my masm source. Anyone got some decent BSP postings which are not written for C or VB then I'm sure as hell interested, if for no other reason than ideas for further optimization.
Posted on 2002-05-26 03:03:10 by Homer