Thank you The Svin... i am almost ashame that i did not know Sub MEAN sUB and ADD Mean ADD, i throught it was just removing or adding letters to strings or something unless you wrote a calculator for your program... now i know.... bitRAKE expecially is going to be very boared with us .. Sooooo Please come back soon.

Thanks you...Thank you... Thank you

PS: I will be re-reading you posts for many years to come. Even thro i did not understand it all i loved the bitRAKE-Svin Opt Wars.

Also if you see an new control here named Svin-Up or c-Svin you will know what that response did for me all in two days.
Posted on 2002-04-29 00:33:30 by cmax
thanks man ..
i hope that the killing will stop ,and we will have peace in the area

come back soon

Posted on 2002-04-29 10:11:22 by eko
Just do in all other cities what you did at Jenin and no more palestinians will remain anyway to have a war with. ;)
Posted on 2002-04-29 18:19:20 by Maverick
i didnt want to start another argument on the subject but you didnt leave me any choice

Just do in all other cities what you did at Jenin and no more palestinians will remain anyway to have a war with

first of all let me make this clear
all people lifes are holy!
for example
if you ask
you must choose who are going to die
10 people from israel, or 10 plastins

I CANT MAKE THIS CHOOISE becuase like i said before
all the people are equal/

but if you ask me the same question
10 people frmo israel or 10 terrorist .
the answer . the terrosit

and i'm sure you think the same/ (atleast hope you are)

a. what do you think happend in Jenin ??
b. how many found their death there? and who ?

a . War ! . .war of ISRAEL against the terrot attacks .

do you know how much weapen and a explosive has been found there ? ??
israel's army is very moral / we could attack them with airplanes and in two seconds delete the all city and prevent death of our soldiers.
why didnt we attack them with airplanes and done " a war from house to house "
becuase we dont want to hurt innocent people. and we didnt hurt !

Jenin is a big place . the hard fighting has been done in very small place

before IDF started the fight he calls all the people to get out from there houses .
the poeple that didnt come out . stayed to fight.most of them had been killed .
but those people are terrosit . fighting with guns and bombing them self just to hurt others .
so in conclusion :
palastien side- about 100 people found their on death
99.9% are terrosit
Israel side - 24 found their on death in Jenin

Israel attacks only to prevent terrot attacks ! .
(and more info more of the terrot attaks dont get out to the media .
becuase the army catch them before the act so no one knows about it )
i heard a statics of the army that they prevent 95% of the attacks .
well i dont have much faith in statics but still the army prevent most of the attacks
so no one hear or knows about it .

do you know what the army found in the last days .
"dirty bombs" do you know what is dirty bombs?
its unconventional weapons !
so dont say israel werent ok . we were ok as much as we could in the situation! in fact we were OK +


Posted on 2002-04-30 15:58:23 by eko
You'd better ignore it, eko.
Especially in the section.
Meveric obviously from NATO country I'm judge it from what are bad guys in his opinion, so he'd better report what he did in his own country to prevent bombing the innocents by NATO.
Until it I'd ignore it.
And don't be blind - innocents die anyway.
They always die in war. By israel,russian,american bullet - doesn't
matter. It's most dirty thing about a war, and nobody know how to avoid it. Not me anyway.
So all wars are dirty more or less.
And there are always heroes with noble cause from both sides as long as murderes.
The longer in last the less diference you can see between fighting sides.
The thing is how to solve our problems without starting wars.
But for ages most people think that war is the best solution.
And didn't see that any of us could pretend that he know how.
All our countries somehow stinked themselves with blood of the innocents. And continueing it.
Of course cowards would never admit it.
Posted on 2002-04-30 16:24:59 by The Svin

The thing is how to solve our problems without starting wars.
Need more:

    Need less:

      We here in the US are certainly very guilty.
Posted on 2002-04-30 17:02:59 by bitRAKE