i have a little problem, i use a window and i draw the background with a pattern. I've built the window with CreateDialog api, using a rsrc script for the dialog, in the window i have some STATIC TEXT controls, the background of this static controls covers the background i draw for the window, how do i make it transparent? That is, i need that in the rect of STATIC TEXT control the only thing visible is the text itself and the background be transparent so i can still see the background drawing. How do i do? Hope i explained myself.
Thanks all
Posted on 2002-04-27 14:29:18 by AndreaGeddon
Hi AndreaGeddon,
i think (but i'm not sure) that you have to catch WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message and then use SetBkMode function with transparent background mode.
hope this help you...

Posted on 2002-04-28 07:25:05 by ZaiRoN
ZaiRoN is right, here is an old post abot this subject.
Background color in text
Posted on 2002-04-28 07:54:40 by LuHa
Thanx a lot! It works :cool:
I think i can apply this method also to other control msg, such as WM_CTLCOLOREDIT right? Thanx a lot, just what i was looking for!
Posted on 2002-04-28 10:46:32 by AndreaGeddon
If you are looking for a WM_CTLCOLOREDIT example at the bottom of this page you will find a very nice one from KetilO.

PS: Before launch it wear your sun glasses :cool:
Posted on 2002-04-28 11:16:16 by LuHa