ok so GetLastError retuns error value in eax? ok what are the error values and what do they mean example if it returns 9 then 9 would perhaps be "no floppy disck" or somthing like that,
Posted on 2002-04-30 19:58:38 by Qages
All of the error codes are in the PSDK.
But there is also a clever utility in the masm32 lib
called GetError that will translate the codes for
you if I remember correctly.
Posted on 2002-04-30 20:19:41 by anon
In Iczelion site you can find my little prog ErrorShow wich shows
description of error number. You can type the number in prog dlg or starting it with error number (decimal) as param in comman line.

Also you can use my proc from m32lib GetErrDescription wich
accept error num as param and show error description.
You don't even need to call GetLastError with the proc you
can send 0 as param to it and it shows you LastError description,
if you already have the err number - send the number as param to the proc.
Posted on 2002-04-30 20:21:08 by The Svin