I'm switching from TASM/DOS to MASM/Windows98, so I'm a newbie on this forum. Please bear with me :)

I'm trying to find a good IDE with build-in assemble/link support fo projects, syntax highlighting, release/debug builds etc etc. I've tried AsmEdit 4.2, but it has a serious problem: when assembling, it leaks some kind of resouce. As a result, after a few assembles, other programs fail to redraw or show their windows, and I have to restart :(

the documentation claims this is due to a bug in CreateProcess in Win98. Now I wonder: does this mean all other asm IDEs will suffer the same problem?

If not, can anyone recommend a good IDE, preferably with clear documentation on how to get started?

Also, how do you debug window asm proggies? I've noticed a debug library in the masm32 package that allows you to write register values to a debug window etc, but that seems rather clumsy to me. I've tried the turbo debugger, but it freezes when tracing through the code. Do I need a microsoft debugger, and if so where can I find one?
Posted on 2002-05-01 07:57:23 by james
I use WinNT kernels, RadASM, Ollydbg. :)
Posted on 2002-05-01 08:08:33 by bitRAKE
james: i was having the same problems with windows 2000 and having alot of other major and minor problems. i think when wayne gets windows 2000 he will squash alot of the bugs.

RadASM for your ide
Ollydbg for your debugger

both are free
Posted on 2002-05-01 11:03:43 by smurf
I use UltraEdit 9.0x - great IDE when I assemble my code on either MASM or TASM.

OllyDbg is a great debugger but just in case you want the ultimate one, use Softice.

Posted on 2002-05-02 21:51:00 by stryker
Ultra Edit 8

Posted on 2002-05-02 23:22:20 by NaN
To james,

I did find a resource leak in AsmEdit other then
the CreateProcess for Win9x, but unfortunately I
won't be able to post the new version of AsmEdit
on my Web Site untill I put the rest of the pieces together.

If you would like a source patch for the AsmEdit
that your using, e-mail me at yooper@kalamazoo.net
and I will send it to you.

It seems to help when using Win98.

Posted on 2002-05-04 16:04:39 by Ewayne
Sorry for replying so late, I was busy learning to use RADasm and OllyDBG (now *that* is an impressive debugger compared to turbo debug :))

thanks for the suggestions.
Posted on 2002-05-09 15:07:48 by james