NaN, forgive me if I sound harsh - but did you look at source I posted?
I wrote it especially for you to show by fact not by hollow words - that SetBitmapBits is in intterupt table as a function of int 2Eh.
It's very rarely changed. (In fact I don't know a single fact when some func was removed from int, added - yes but not removed)
I don't know (and nobody can know) about ALL API's that M$ for some reason calls "outdated" but I gave you info that can help you predict if Get(Set)BitmapBits are going to be replaced in near future.
They put the comment of back compatibility since NT 3.1
and yet now we have NT5 but SetBitmapBits still works perfectly.
Posted on 2002-05-02 23:49:39 by The Svin
I didnt run it, i have 98SE and got the impressing it would crash my OS if i did.

But i see your point. I had no clue this is an interupt on NT box's. I only know what microsoft wants me to know ;) . Problem is they are often quite vague how their suggestions should be interpretted. As you've pointed out it looks safte to use GetBitmapBits . But this is only one case, in the future i may have to ask this question again concerning an entirely different topic, and i still wont know any better how to "trust" these messages ;)

Thanx for the NT source however, i did look it over. :)

Posted on 2002-05-03 00:07:24 by NaN
I had no clue this is an interupt on NT box's.

Of course there is. And in 9x also.
Posted on 2002-05-03 01:10:05 by The Svin
Here is another examples how to apply 2 inverted bmps pares on numerous buttons.
In the example there are 6 button, but the code can be used in any number of btns - you need just change values in two places
(I put comments on them)
instead of 12 bmps it use 6.
Posted on 2002-05-03 02:35:00 by The Svin
Hi The Svin

Great work. :alright:

Works well on my xp. Also tried several color formats (1 bit, 4 bit, 8 bit and 24bit).

Posted on 2002-05-03 04:21:43 by KetilO
I generally consider myself amature in GDI staff,
do some gfx only if found a way to make it in easy to code :)
This one is for sure make some noticable effect and easy to code.
I extanded logic to make 3 bmp from one
- Original for normal btn state
- Inversed for pressed
- And partially not for mouse on
Posted on 2002-05-03 15:41:00 by The Svin
Well I lost everything a while ago when my hard crashed,
and now I'm asking for myown sources, since I don't remember what and how I wrote :)))

By any chance, I wonder if anybody has sources I sent to the very thread?
I'd be happy to have them :))))
Posted on 2005-02-17 15:17:36 by The Svin
The Svin,
I have some of the code you are asking about. I sent you an email
through the board.
Posted on 2005-02-22 18:01:41 by anon
Thanks, anon.
I'got your mail. The problem is solved.
Posted on 2005-02-23 15:18:25 by The Svin