I know that there are a lot of people out there making their own IDE's, which is good because most people have very specific thoughts about what's a good IDE.
But does everybody really have to have their own project file format? IMO this makes the IDE's mostly worthless for groups that want to work together but don't want the same IDE. Why not come together and decide on a project file format, maybe even write a parser for it in a DLL, so everyone can use it easily?

(Just my idea, I'm not coding an IDE myself.)

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Posted on 2001-08-05 08:46:55 by Qweerdy
i think thats a very good idea... working in groups may
be a bed idea anymore but having a standart project
description would alow people to contribute or to change
knowledge - even if they're working on different ide's.
Posted on 2001-08-05 09:12:10 by blabla
We've allready had this discussion several months back on the old WinASM board and most seem to prefer INI files instead which I did first also. But, I can see a huge benefit down the road for everybody.

This is why VASM has all internal and project data stored as XML file. Take a look if you like. I can easily change the format now if we can agree on some standards. :)
Posted on 2001-08-05 16:47:45 by rainbird
I definitely agree with the XML standard for IDE's projects format, just like VASM.

The two IDEs I like most are AsmEdit and ,last but not least, RadASM and they both have a different format for their projects so it becomes pretty uncomfortable porting all projects from one to the other one and vice-versa.

It could be really cool to have a standard format (ie XML) for all.:alright:
Posted on 2001-08-06 04:49:49 by sERpICo
Where do you get RadASM?
Posted on 2001-08-07 00:00:52 by Torch
sorry for having not answered before .... :rolleyes:
here's the link ...

Posted on 2001-08-07 02:54:18 by sERpICo