I was thinking of writing up an example for pathfinding, but I'm not sure what's out there and didn't want to create one that may already exist (my attempt at not reinventing the wheel -- thanks java).

So are there any example of this nature out there for assembly? Any of these:

-Depth First Search
-Bredth First Search
-A-Star (aka A*)
-Dijeska's (sp) Search

Or even as simple as using Vector searching (aka. The Terminator Search)

So if you have an example I'd like to see it, otherwize, I'll set my sites at creating something in this field :) I'm sure someone will be able to use it?

I'm guessing that "HE" (hostile encounters) uses something, but I'm not sure BogdanOntanu has released any examples of his source in this area...

Anyway, any thought of whether this could be a useful learning program or if any examples exist would be helpful :)


To whom move this from the main thread:

Although Pathfinding is usually associated with "Game Programing" it was not my intention of relegating it to this forum... It does have may other useful aspects that don't relate to game programming at all... For more information look at any Graph Theory text book...
Posted on 2002-05-02 18:03:57 by Sliver
Out of all of those algos, Astar seems to be the most efficient, but that's purely dependent on the heuristic used.

My problem with all of these algos is that they all normally use nodes layed out on some kind of square or cubic matrix. I would like to see fast a pathfinding algo that doesn't depend on this.
Posted on 2002-05-02 23:15:15 by iblis
Afternoon, Sliver.

I've moved this thread to the Algo & Source forum, as this will hopefully encourage people to begin posting helpful search algo ideas.

Can always start (HERE) .

And (HERE) (an AI zip file) .

Posted on 2002-05-02 23:25:31 by Scronty
Posted on 2002-05-03 03:10:10 by Thomas