Trying to generate lib based psapi.dll. There is missing inc and lib:s packade for psapi. I try to use dumpbin and lib tools for that, but i am noob using these tools, please can some one explean howto make it :confused:
Posted on 2002-05-04 09:13:14 by Torak
iczelion has a tutorial about it
Posted on 2002-05-04 09:26:03 by Hiroshimator
I am totally missed that :eek:.
Posted on 2002-05-04 12:16:09 by Torak
There's an import library for psapi in PlatformSDK, dunno if it's
included in the masm32 package. As for building .inc files (if you
can't find them on the net by googling), there's a couple of ways.
Either look at the function descriptions in PlatformSDK help and do
your own protos, or look at psapi.h from the PlatformSDK.
Posted on 2002-05-05 06:37:49 by f0dder