I wonder, if there is an easy way to count all pixel in a line.
For example a line from 0,0 to 800,600. How many pixel will these line have. I had to know that, BEFORE a line was painted in a window. And it mu?t be very fast, because I have to count many lines...
Can you help ?

Thanks, Nordwind64
Posted on 2002-05-04 10:22:28 by Nordwind64
If you include both end-points then it'll be 801. ;) Solve a simplier related problem and extrapolate for general solution...
Posted on 2002-05-04 10:34:04 by bitRAKE

ok, thank you. I've found the way, it's really easy... :grin:

Greetings, Nordwind64
Posted on 2002-05-04 10:42:40 by Nordwind64