Hi, all can any one help me with a tutorial on the AI programming techniques ?
Thanks for your help
Posted on 2002-05-05 00:41:43 by amr
For just some basic knowledge:


There are other links to this sorta stuff, but you'll prob. find then on these sites :)

Hope it helps
Posted on 2002-05-05 13:32:30 by Sliver

Hi, all can any one help me with a tutorial on the AI programming techniques ?
Thanks for your help

Ask Thomas and look at his "Neural Networks" :

Posted on 2002-05-05 13:51:30 by bazik
I haven't seen in this sites any tutorials for a beginner .
Thanks but can any one help and tell me where can I start.
Posted on 2002-05-08 05:10:32 by amr
What AI techniques are you intrested in?

-Deterministic Algorithms
-Patterns and Scripts
-Behavioral State Systems
-Memory and learning
-Planning and decision trees
-Neural Networks
-Genetic Algorithms
-Fuzzy Logic

Those are some of the topics to choose from...
You can do a search on the web or a search on this site (but only Nerual Networks and Genetic Algorithms have been discussed)
Or you can by a book...

When I have more time I may write more on the topic because it is very intresting.

Posted on 2002-05-08 10:04:46 by Sliver
Since you posted this in the game programming forum can I assume you want to write an AI opponent rather than a full Artificial Intelligence.

The techniques for AI opponents are usually different and tend to involve programming an rules and weighting systems rather than neural networks and the like.

The Generation5 site is still very helpful, specificially the essays. But prehaps the best approach is to learn for yourself.

Code a simple X's & O's (Tic Tac Toe for some) game. It's an interesting challange, there's loads of information on the net and whats more it is possible to write an AI that will never lose so you can really show it off.
Posted on 2002-05-09 04:15:40 by Eóin
Actually, I haven't programmed AI before and I don't know it's techniques,but I want to get started in AI programming so I'm looking for tutorials on the net so I asked here if anyone can help me .
Thanks for your support
Posted on 2002-05-10 23:29:47 by amr