Well, I know this is going to sound very uneducated, but where can I get this RADAsm? I've read about 50 posts in this message board and not one place mentioned where to get it. I also cannot find it using AltaVista or Google.

I am a fairly good programmer and used to know 6502 8-bit Assembly like the back of my hand. I'm completely lost with Win32 ASM tho. I have downloaded like 15 IDEs for both Windows AND DOS, and about 10 or 15 standalone tutorials.

I'm lost. I may be showing my true ignorance here, but so far, I have been impressed with MASMs tightness, NaGoA's complete integration (visual, debugging, reporting, versioning, etc.) but I keep reading all these great posts about RADAsm.

Where does a beginning ASM programmer go to get the best IDE/learning package available? Seems like every tutorial I've got doesn't match up at all with the Assembler I've got, or the instructions are in really bad broken English (and I don't speak anything else) or I THINK I'm inputting things correctly and all I get are errors.

I'd just like to find a software/media combination that walks me through installing an IDE, configuring it with your linker and all that, getting off the ground with syntax and macros and then actual instruction on how to program machine code. Any suggestions? Please?


Posted on 2002-05-06 15:59:26 by Topher
You must be KIDDING.
You've read about 50 posts in this message board, but you still couldn't find it?
Buddy, it's right under your nose.
RADAsm's only released in this message board.
You can find RADAsm in this message board on the same page that you posted your question.

RadASM Released (04-22-2002)

If you still cannot find it, please go to the link below.


I hope you will find RADAsm there.
Posted on 2002-05-06 17:17:03 by ssa
Well, well... I just figured it out. First of all, I did see the postings of RADAsm downloads, but there was never any link.

I just found out that my security levels in Opera were not letting me see the links because I'm in a message forum. Dangerous for kiddies, you know...

I've been using Opera 6.01 to test it for about a week now and that's only the second "medium" problem I've found. That setting didn't exist in O5 for what I can remember. Thanks for reposting it though.
Posted on 2002-05-06 17:33:56 by Topher

I am glad you have found the link, Ketil Olsen's RADasm is a smart package and I am sure you will do well with it.

One thing, pull the plug on you signature, anyone who treats the forum rules as something to be broken will be given a chance to find a forum that is more tolerant of people who break the rules.


Posted on 2002-05-07 20:33:07 by hutch--
Yes, it looks quite fantastic! I am looking forward to delving into Assembly using a tool that looks to be as functional as this one.

Also, you misread my signature. It is not meant to condone breaking rules, but rather a statement in the reverse. And thank you for replying in a private message instead of chastising me in public... :)
Posted on 2002-05-08 13:10:38 by Topher