Hello everybody,

I would be grateful if someone write something about the possibility to make a shortcut on the Windows Programs menu for the program created in MASM?


Posted on 2002-05-06 18:18:25 by Dunphermline
a shortcut in the programs menu is nothing more the a .lnk file in the correct directory. Look at Ernie's shellink example (you can also find it in masm32 under COM)
Posted on 2002-05-06 18:45:43 by Hiroshimator
Okay... so the only 'official' way of making a shortcut is COM? Would newer versions of Windows ignore older versions of .lnk files, unlike the current versions which willingly convert .pif's to .lnk's? COM sounds scary.... 'not for the faint of heart,' as the COM forum says, sounds very difficult...
Posted on 2002-05-06 19:56:29 by AmkG
Okay... so the only 'official' way of making a shortcut is COM?
In a sense yes! by using the IShellLink interface but there is another way. D/L the .pdf file here and check out the structure of the file format of the .lnk file itself, that should help you a bit. Can't explain further since I'm playing video games here... ;)

Before I go, there's a challenge for Posted on 2002-05-06 20:16:13 by stryker
I'd use COM if I were you... while it might seem a bit icky, you'll only
have to write the shortcut creation code once, and then you can
put it in a nice little wrapper proc. Just like .lnk files superceded .pif
files, who knows when .lnk files will be obsoleted? The COM stuff
will probably keep on working, and create the current fileformat...
Posted on 2002-05-07 04:15:43 by f0dder