Hey guys I just found this message board and it?s great I?ve been using assembler for some time now. I?ll give what experience I have to anyone who needs it.

My question is?.

I?m looking for the equates for these three values?


I want to use these to activate a full screen mode. It is related to the DEVMODE struct and used in the ChangeDisplaySettings procedure from the win API. I found the struct in the windows.h but not the related flags. If any knows the values or a method that allows me to get them myself, please help me. I would appreciate it.

Posted on 2002-05-06 18:46:54 by nikadeemus27

#define DM_BITSPERPEL 0x00040000L
#define DM_PELSWIDTH 0x00080000L
#define DM_PELSHEIGHT 0x00100000L

found in the Wingdi.h

Don't know what other equates you may need. Just tell me if you want the whole host of them (and welcome to the board... hope I've helped)

Posted on 2002-05-06 19:00:18 by Sliver
#define DM_BITSPERPEL 0x00040000L
#define DM_PELSWIDTH 0x00080000L
#define DM_PELSHEIGHT 0x00100000L

oops, the search took some time but it seems Sliwer beat me to it :)
Posted on 2002-05-06 19:04:41 by Hiroshimator
Who is that amazing Sliwer person :)
Posted on 2002-05-06 19:14:51 by Sliver
where might I find the wingdi.h there seems to be numerous things that I've needed which comes from the gdi32.lib.

And just to be sure I write them in assembly like this?

DM_PELSWIDTH equ 80000
DM_PELSHEIGHT equ 100000

I?m kinda inexperienced with C++. That L threw me off a little stands for long correct? I'm was a fluent JAVA programmer before I learned any C++
Posted on 2002-05-07 08:47:10 by nikadeemus27
You must write:

DM_BITSPERPEL equ 40000h
DM_PELSWIDTH equ 80000h
DM_PELSHEIGHT equ 100000h

since they are hex-values.
Posted on 2002-05-15 03:57:59 by gliptic