I need to resize my listview in function of the main window .. ?how? .. i try


invoke GetWindowRect, hWnd, ADDR rc
invoke GetWindowRect, hListView, ADDR rc2

mov eax, rc.bottom
sub eax, rc2.bottom
mov edx, rc2.bottom
add edx,eax

invoke SetWindowPos, hListView, 0, 1, 28, lParam, edx, SWP_NOACTIVATE or SWP_NOZORDER

but not work at all beacuse i need to "skip" the status bar ...
then i try:

sub edx,10 .. 20 . .30 . .40 ...

please help ... dont work at all...
Posted on 2002-05-08 04:25:55 by hunter

ChangeListBoxSize proc lParam:DWORD
LOCAL StatusbarRect:RECT

invoke GetWindowRect,hStatus,addr StatusbarRect

Mov ListBoxRect.left,0
mov ListBoxRect.top,0 ; no toolbar

mov eax,lParam ; low order of lParam = new width, high order = new height
and eax,0ffffh
mov ListBoxRect.right,eax

mov eax,lParam ; high order of lParam = new height
shr eax,16
mov edx,StatusbarRect.bottom ; bottom = new height - ((taskbar.bottom - taskbar.top)
mov ecx,StatusbarRect.top
sub edx,ecx ; edx=hoogte taskbar = 14h of 20d pixels
sub eax,edx ; nieuwe windowhoogte-hoogte taskbar
mov ListBoxRect.bottom,eax

invoke SetWindowPos,hListBox,NULL,ListBoxRect.left,ListBoxRect.top,ListBoxRect.right,ListBoxRect.bottom, SWP_NOZORDER

ChangeListBoxSize endp
Posted on 2002-05-08 07:14:07 by Jurgen