sorry that i come back after so much time and start complaining, but i thought i could start using an ide. i decided to use radasm, but it's really a mess to download it, you first have to go through the threads to find the latest version. isn't there any homepage to download that stuff??

Posted on 2002-05-08 15:48:29 by NOP-erator
Posted on 2002-05-08 15:58:07 by Hiroshimator
That's cool Hiroshimator, almost like documentation. :)
Posted on 2002-05-08 16:42:39 by bitRAKE
it's not mine, it's Shawn's

frankly I don't quite grasp what to do with it :tongue:

I'm a bit in the blue wether I should update this thing or not?
Posted on 2002-05-14 12:17:21 by Hiroshimator

I'll update it for you again shortly. Hopefully someone can keep it update after that, I won't have the time.

Posted on 2002-05-15 22:32:58 by _Shawn