I've just been playing around with radASM, setting up coloyrs and things, and I tought I'd take alook at the "About" dialog, just to see who coded, what I can only say is a excellent ASM IDE :), the application. What I seen kinda shocked me. I seent aht the product was copyrighted to Microsoft ?

Is this because the creators have been to lazy to change the about dialog, or is the product actaully copyright to Microsnot ??
Posted on 2002-05-09 11:39:12 by Dracton
It's the standard about box silly. The author mearly felt it more
productive to spend his time on actual features, rather than fluff.

Your sheep looks rather fluffy? :tongue:
Posted on 2002-05-09 11:58:22 by bitRAKE

I know that, but I would have done that before anything else ? I mean, I tought the idea behind designing an IDE would be to start of with the simple things first ?? And I'd say that thats pretty simple :)

Keep your hands off my sheep, It's my sheep ... ... ... ... Oh goon then, just alittle stroke, AND I MEAN A LITTLE ONE >:| !!!
Posted on 2002-05-09 12:01:56 by Dracton
Dracton, that is how a newbie approaches coding an IDE - an experienced ASM coder starts a little higher up the sheep leg... :tongue:
Posted on 2002-05-09 12:10:36 by bitRAKE

lol, I suppose, but thats the way I'd approve creating an IDE even if I was at the level of OS development ;) ... start from the beginning and the dawm GUI setup and all the dialogboxes working and in top shape, then I'd start adding the atual IDE code :)

Leave ... ... ... Dam, I need a name for my sheep !!! Any ideas anyone ???
Posted on 2002-05-09 12:22:40 by Dracton
Well, that explains why she didn't say anthing when I asked her what her name is - I thought she was just being sheepish. :P It's hard to give her a name from just one stroke. Maybe, you could tell us more about her, Posted on 2002-05-09 13:05:47 by bitRAKE

AND WE HAVE A NAME !!!!! Dractilda ...

And yes you can stroke Dractilda some more :)
Posted on 2002-05-09 13:22:46 by Dracton
Hi Dracton

Depending on the project I tend to start with the most difficult parts first. If I cannot solve the problems the project is put on ice and might never be continued. That way I dont waste a lot of time on simple things.

BTW. Can I have a little stroke too. Shs seem sooo soft.

Posted on 2002-06-02 07:25:00 by KetilO